Why collaborate with us?

We’ve been designing and building exclusive single family homes on the Spanish Costa Blanca, mostly for foreigners looking for a second home in a unique location, for over 35 years.
A high quality product with enormous market potential in a segment of the population, mainly from abroad, with high spending power who are looking for a home in the sun, near the sea, the beach and good food.
A great investment real estate companies can become a part of. If you’ve read this far we’re sure you would like to know the reasons you should collaborate with us.

Proven experience

We have 30 years and 5,000 houses sold behind us. Nobody knows Costa Blanca like we do. We cover a growing demand based on tourism figures since the 80s when it became one of the most visited areas in Spain and one of the preferred locations to buy a second home or build a holiday or retirement home.

Own product & Customized

Unlike other construction companies, we carry out and control the entire process of housing building. We have a multi-discipline team which means we can control every single detail of each project. ModernHouse provides customers with a wide range of possibilities to personalize their home.

High standards of building works

Materials and qualities of our properties are above the market standards and the same occurs with our workers, proven professionals who guarantee that the work will be clean, serious and rigorous to achieve a final product that meets our high standards for our potential buyers.

Technical and commercial support

To help attract buyers we provide extensive technical and marketing support with plenty of documentation.Computer graphics, high resolution photos and videos filmed by drones, all to produce the best presentation of the project, plus any technical and legal information required by the customer (plans and work permits, official certificates, architect’s projects, insurance, taxes…)

Professionalism and ethical attitude to our partners in business.

All suppliers and third parties who take part in the process receive fair treatment and a reasonable price for their services. . The challenge for everyone involved is to ensure the building is the result of expert, quality work. The percentages for management/intermediation on both sides will always be clear. Before starting to work with us you will know what you can achieve.

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