Collaboration agreement between Art Viu & Modern House Spain

Collaboration agreement between Art Viu & Modern House Spain

Collaboration agreement between Art Viu & Modern House Spain

Art Viu & Modern House Spain have reached an agreement regarding show house decoration and vertical garden marketing.

Buyers who purchase one of Modern House’s properties will from now on have more decoration options than ever. Along with our usual expert suppliers of lighting, furniture, textiles, etc. there is now a new collaboration line with a local company:  Art Viu Jardines Verticales.

The quality and durability of our buildings also carries over to the decorative elements included in the properties. At Modern House we sell top quality villas with the latest facilities that also offer a modern, attractive look.

That’s why our collaboration with Art Viu Jardines Verticales aims to provide that avant-garde, natural look to each of the properties we sell, a type of decoration that will also be apparent in our show houses.

What are preserved vertical gardens?

Art Viu is a young company, founded and directed by three women entrepreneurs. The combination of the avant-garde and nature make the vertical gardens, the creations the firm focuses on, true works of art.

The vertical gardens are made with plants preserved with a 100% natural formula based on biodegradable plants.

The plants used in their creations have been subjected to a delicate conservation and stabilisation process, replacing the sap and water with a glycerine-based substance.

This procedure gives the plants and flowers a fresh appearance and a long life, making it almost impossible to tell them apart from natural plants.


How to decorate with vertical gardens?

Preserved vertical gardens are ideal to decorate homes, offices, businesses and even restaurants. Although this type of work can last for years, it is recommended that they are not exposed to direct sunlight to extend their lifespans.

Vertical gardens can be placed on walls, ceilings and inner patios. Their decorative style and the sense of well-being favour relaxation and concentration in the spaces they are used in.

Biological and natural elements are once again gaining popularity, even in city centres.

What makes Art Viu different?

These works of art are all the fashion in decoration, as they allow nature to be integrated into any sort of space. Art Viu designs exclusive, made-to-measure projects, making use of each client’s preferred plants and flowers while also attempting to enhance each room’s natural essence. At Art Viu:

  • They work with certified suppliers from Northern Europe making use of organic prime materials.
  • The preserved moss takes on a green, spongier aspect after being subjected to this transformation process.
  • Vertical gardens are easy to maintain. All they need is an annual clean with cold air from 30cm away.

Art Viu launch 22nd of November

Modern House’s show houses will soon include these decorative elements to delight buyers and real estate agents. Buyers will have the chance to see the effects of vertical gardens in interior decoration first hand and, if they like, they will be able to include them in their villas.

Would you like to find out more about natural works of art? Follow the Art Viu page on Facebook and have a look at all their creations.

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