Key elements of real estate collaboration: reliability and trust

Key elements of real estate collaboration: reliability and trust

Key elements of real estate collaboration: reliability and trust gives a first-person account of their experience as real estate collaborators with Modern House, selling new development villas on the Costa Blanca.

We could tell you about our excellent construction processes, our efficient sales plans or the quality of the information provided on our villas. However, nothing would be as valuable as a real testimonial from one of our real estate agent collaborators.

Today we want to tell you about, an agency specialising in exclusive villas on the Costa Blanca which has been collaborating with us to sell our properties since 2017.

In fact, rather than tell you their story, we’ll ask them to tell you it themselves.

Are you a Modern House collaborator too? Would you like other collaborators to hear about your experience?

Give us your opinion on our services and help other colleagues make the best decision for their business.

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HOMESPAIN, exclusive villas on the Costa Blanca

We at are a multi-cultural team specialised in selling new development villas, off plan properties and key ready villas. Our experience with buyers from Europe and China helps us understand each client’s specific needs and offer them a personal service throughout the purchase process as well as a fantastic after-sales service.

Just as other agencies and real estate agents do, we look for the best available properties for our clients, and to this end we collaborate with developers and builders.

It isn’t hard to start a collaboration, but knowing whether we’ve made the right choice is a little more complicated.

For this reason, we would like to tell you about our experience with one of our best collaborators:  Modern House Spain.

Villa Arena fachade render

Arena Model villa sold by in collaboration with Modern House.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Modern House Spain?

We started our collaboration with Modern House Spain 2 years ago with the intention of increasing our portfolio of new development properties.

From day one, we realised that this was going to be the start of a great relationship.

We visited their extensive catalogue of completed properties and discovered their new projects. Having a collaborator like Modern House Spain, with more than 30 years’ experience in the construction sector, on your side provides our clients with a great advantage, an advantage we can sum up in two words: reliability and trust.

Modern House, a different builder

There are many clients who seek their dream home on the Costa Blanca. Sometimes they find a key ready property, but there are times when they have special requirements that need solutions that are hard to find in a standard villa.

That isn’t a problem when you have a good collaborator like Modern House Spain though. The team is always ready to find solutions and make suggestions in a record amount of time.

Our clients’ experiences of visiting their villas, have always been excellent.

On each of the visits, we’ve been able to view a fully completed show house as well as other properties under construction to allow the clients to see the entire process of creating their homes.

Detailed information on each villa

The information the clients receive is always very clear. Félix, the sales manager, provides the legal and technical paperwork for the property.

That means all the clients’ queries are answered and they have everything they need to make their decision to buy.

As collaborators, we appreciate all the graphic material they provide for promotion of their properties: photographs, real videos and 360-degree tours.

All this material encourages international clients to come and view with us as agents, as they know that what they are going to visit is real and not just a simple construction project presented with infographics.

Our experience with developers and builders on the Costa Blanca has taught us that the relationship with a good developer doesn’t end on the day the sale goes through. Or on the day the clients move into their new home, either.

A good developer provides an excellent after-sales service, which strengthens the reliability and trust in a collaboration.

Clients always expect to receive an excellent service and, although sometimes hiccups can occur, having a developer like Modern House Spain who handles and solves the problems quickly actually improves the purchase experience.

Would you recommend collaborating with Modern House?

We’re very pleased to work with this company and we therefore recommend them both to our clients and to other real estate agents.

We believe that at Modern House Spain you will find one of the most attractive project portfolios out there, for value for money and additional services.

* If you are also a Modern House collaborator and you would recommend our services to other real estate agents, don’t forget to click and leave us your review.

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