Why is it so hard to sell off-plan properties on the Costa Blanca?

Why is it so hard to sell off-plan properties on the Costa Blanca?

Why is it so hard to sell off-plan properties on the Costa Blanca?

Selling a house is a challenge for all real estate agents, even the very best of them. When the property hasn’t yet been built, the challenge is greater still and only a few succeed. If you’re a Costa Blanca real estate agent who markets this type of property, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Why is it so hard to sell this type of property? In this article we’ll take a look at the difficulties involved in selling an off-plan property on the Costa Blanca. Pay attention to our next few articles as we’ll be revealing the most efficient tools you, as a real estate agent, should be proficient with to turn these difficulties into real opportunities.

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Lack of credibility

Selling new off-plan properties isn’t difficult if you know how to sell credibility. However, buyers are still very much aware of the scars of the real estate crisis, those times when so many new developments were left paralysed and their buyers left without their dream homes and without a euro in their pockets.

All the spaces look the same

When we try to sell a property off-plan, one of the problems is knowing how to add character to each of the spaces. When an off-plan property is shown empty, the buyer has real difficulty distinguishing one room from another. They all look the same.


This is particularly important for clients who require properties like those built by Modern House, exclusive, modernist-style villas designed for demanding buyers. This type of buyer needs to be impressed with the details. They’re not looking for any old house, either, they want to buy THEIR house. To find it, they need to know for sure what it will be like when it’s finished.

Trouble imagining themselves living in it

When a property is presented completely empty, which is quite common in the case of off-plan properties, buyers have a lot of trouble imagining themselves living there. An empty home is like a blank canvass to paint on. Unless you’re a professional artist, you might find it hard to start drawing on it.

If the property is empty, as the real estate agent you must be able to offer the advice they need on the different ways to organise and design the space. Putting them in touch with reliable suppliers who specialise in this type of project brings added value to your efforts as a real estate agent.

The price as the only sales strategy

A series of factors such as the location, presentation of the spaces and price all come into play during the sale of a villa on the Costa Blanca.

The location of the property to be sold is something you can’t change. Moreover, if there are a number of homes up for sale in the same area it will be very hard to make yours stand out from the competition.

If you, the agent, don’t have the necessary tools to play with presentation of the spaces (something we’ll be talking about in our next post), the only thing you’ll have left to negotiate the sale with is the price, an element which isn’t always flexible in a new development property.


Delivery periods

Waiting times can be a real torment for buyers who are waiting to move into their dream homes. The nightmare becomes even worse when the wait keeps getting longer. Buyers may be prepared to wait 12 months to move into their new home, but when after that they’re told they have to wait another 3 months they may start to despair.

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