7 questions you should ask buyers before showing them properties

7 questions you should ask buyers before showing them properties

7 questions you should ask buyers before showing them properties

A lot is said about the questions a buyer should ask before viewing a new development villa on the Costa Blanca: purchase terms, quality of materials employed, surface area…

Little, however, is said about the questions that all real estate agents should ask their buyers before they even take them to see the first property available for sale.

To avoid wasting time with a buyer (and avoid wasting a buyer’s time), it’s extremely important to determine from the start whether your services will assist them with their transaction. To this end, here are 7 questions you should ask before you start carrying out your tasks as a Costa Blanca real estate agent.

1. Where are they from?

Before you even start talking numbers, you should make sure you get to know a little bit about their past: which country are they from? Do they know our area? How many years have they been coming to the Costa Blanca for holidays? How many members are there in their family unit?

A good purchase process concept will allow us to focus correctly on the transaction and save a lot of time further down the line.

2. What’s their budget?

Knowing your client’s budget is a key point in ascertaining whether you’ll really be able to help them. You will have to subtract the amounts they will need to use to pay the VAT, property registry, consultants, notary and other costs relating to the purchase process from the amount they have to spend.

3. Do they need a mortgage?

Whether or not they need a mortgage is another key aspect that will shape the entire purchase process. The terms and paperwork to be presented have changed since the New Mortgage Law came into effect, so you should make sure that your buyer understands the entire process, especially if you are dealing with foreign clients.

4. What do they expect from the home?

Are they looking for a place to spend holidays, or are they looking for their first home? Do they want the property for personal use or are they looking for a means of investment?

Once you know what their intentions are, ask about their desired features: swimming pool, garden areas, barbecue, near to the beach… You probably won’t be able to meet all of their desires, but having a very specific idea of what they’re looking for will help you get as near to the ideal as you can.


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5. Do they need to sell another property first?

This question can help you learn the finer details about their purchase terms as well as guiding you when it comes to steering the process appropriately. As the buyer’s agent, you’re bound to know someone who specialises in sales who can help you tie in transaction development.

6. What are they scared of?

Knowing their concerns will help you focus your work on what really matters to them. Are they scared of getting lost in all the paperwork? Are they scared that the property may not be what they’re looking for? Show them that you are a reference point during the purchase process and put extra effort into explaining what they’re worried about.

7. What are their intentions for the future?

Maybe at the moment your client is thinking about renting the property out during the winter, but they intend to live there all year round after they retire. On the other hand, they might want to enjoy the property for 5 or 10 years and then sell it.

Whatever their plans may be, knowing their intentions for the future will help you show them the best options for their purchase.

As we said earlier, knowing your buyer will help you to make a good approach to the purchase process, saving time, money and helping to mark the differences between yourself and the other real estate agents in the area.

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