Checklist to choose the best Costa Blanca real estate developer

Checklist to choose the best Costa Blanca real estate developer

Checklist to choose the best Costa Blanca real estate developer

As a real estate agent, you’re aware of the fact that choosing providers and collaborators who are able to satisfy your clients’ needs is vital for the correct functioning of your business.

Lawyers, interior designers, photographers… An entire army of specialised professionals you need to choose carefully to ensure you can deliver everything your clients expect of you.

To this respect, developers are a key component to enhance your portfolio with good quality, well documented properties.

How to choose a top quality developer on the Costa Blanca

However, it may be the case that not all developers are capable of offering what your client needs.

Here is a checklist of elements you should consider to enable you to choose a top quality Costa Blanca real estate developer:

1. Legal documentation

Before delivering a newly built property to a client, the developer must provide a series of documents required to complete the sale, including:

  • Work completion certificate,
  • Ten-year defect insurance, water and electricity supply certificates,
  • Declaration of responsibility and
  • Energy efficiency certificate.

Before working with a Costa Blanca developer, make sure they have all their paperwork in order for each of the properties they are selling.

2. Communication methods

Establishing constant, fluid communications is just as important as the paperwork in a real estate collaboration process.

Communication between the developer and the real estate agent becomes vital to ensure both are up-to-date at all times on the properties available for sale:

  • availability,
  • price,
  • photographs,
  • materials employed…

3. Handling viewings

There’s nothing worse than making a prospective buyer wait when it comes to viewing what could be the home of their dreams.

The ease with which a developer handles viewings allows for a fluid transaction process that avoids the client losing their initial interest for the property.

Having the possibility of visiting a finished Show House is a real bonus when it comes to choosing a top quality developer.


4. Experience in the market

If a Costa Blanca developer has been operating in the same area for many years, it’s a sure sign that they do their job well. Word of mouth allows developers to hold their own and prosper adequately over time.

5. Knowledge of the area

Every property market has its own rhythms and needs. The real estate market changes depending on elements such as the weather or the use clients who buy in a particular area put their properties to (holiday home, full-time residence…)

Developers need to know the areas surrounding the properties they sell well to enable them to supply and meet the most common demands.


6. Knowledge of the end client

In the same way that prices per square metre don’t evolve in the same manner in all areas, clients requirements aren’t the same everywhere either.

The Costa Blanca is different to other areas due to the high number of foreign buyers who are sometimes unaware of both the country’s language and the purchase and sales process. This must be kept in mind by both the real estate agent and the developer to ensure they provide adequate advice.

7. Training

The better the education of the professionals who make up a market, the better the results they will obtain.

Therefore, a real estate developer that ensures its real estate agent collaborators receive constant training is an added bonus that will, on the one hand, improve the sales ratios of the properties it sells and, on the other, encourage a healthy and transparent real estate market.

To this respect, at  Modern House we’re committed to ensuring the real estate agents who collaborate with us have access to all the resources they need to become better professionals. We therefore offer them:

Real estate marketing materials

Information of interest for their prospective buyers

Guides and resources on the areas surrounding the villas we sell

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